Interior and Exterior Branding Company in Chandigarh

Interior and Exterior Branding Company in Chandigarh

Interior & Exterior | Way finding & Directional | Window & Wall Graphics | Vehicle Branding | Real Estate

First impressions count for a lot. Particularly when it comes to your brand. A great custom sign is a key component in projecting the image you want. Whether it’s an exterior or interior sign, ARS Branding Solutions can work within your existing brand guidelines or we can design bespoke solutions.

  • Fully qualified fitters.
  • Safety focused and certified.
  • Project management and site supervision.
  • Nationwide service.
  • Efficiently resolve any onsite issue.
  • Wide range of access equipment.
  • Site always left clean and tidy.

We help you design and plan your commercial space, whether it is an office, restaurant or retail store. Our experienced interior design and planning team will transform your space that combines functionality and style.


First-time businesses depend heavily on the company’s first impression. An excellent exterior signage will help immensely, as it is the first direct form of visual communication. We believe through the appropriate use of quality materials and designs, signs are able to present a positive image of the business.


A well-designed wallpaper can represent a healthy business image, a sense of humor and literally carry the company message. Imagination can be diversified in a magnified way of presentation on a wall or any surfaces that you desired to put your message on it!


The seasonal decoration is often the most exciting part of designing and planning process. Our highly innovative and professional team will make your unique space delightful.

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